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Out of Warranty Repairs

We provide a comprehensive out of warranty service for almost all makes of fridge freezers, and this is done on a chargeable basis. Once you have contacted us, and we have established the make and model of your fridge freezer (for instance Samsung RSH1DTMH) and the problems you are having with it, we will be able to determine the best course of action. In most cases, this will require an engineers visit, and the cost for the fixed call out and labour charge will be quoted over the phone whilst making a convenient appointment for you. This will be a one off cost only. In other words, the cost won’t “need to go up a little bit” if the engineer finds the job is taking longer than we may have first thought. The quoted price over the phone remains the same regardless of how long the engineer may be there for. The only additional charges will be for the price of any parts required if you are happy to proceed with the repair. Likewise, in the rare event that we don’t have the parts on the van, and need to make a return visit a couple of days later, we never charge a second call out and labour fee. If you would like to talk to us about an out of warranty repair, please phone us, email us, or use the Contact form on the Contact Us page.

Fridge Freezer Servicing

There are no guarantees in life, well apart from death, taxes and that most electrical goods will develop faults at some stage!! We can’t do much about the death and taxes I’m afraid, but sometimes a simple service of a fridge freezer can prevent some problems occurring. Some of our customers like us to give their fridge freezers a service every so often just to identify if there may be any problems arising, or even to help prevent potential problems arising. Of course, like a car, having it serviced doesn’t mean it won’t ever break down, but quite often a service can reduce the chances of it happening. This is becoming more and more of a popular request now, as in the current climate, customers are concerned that they will have big bills looming in the future, and we all like to prevent that from happening if we can!! We are finding that most of the customers that ask us to service their fridge freezers are customers with the American Style side by side style, such as Samsung, Whirlpool, Smeg, LG etc., although we are of course happy to service most makes and styles of fridge freezers. If you would like to book a service, please let us know via one of the methods on the Contact Us page.

Fridge Freezer Water Filter Installation

As an ‘Add-On’ service, we can supply and fit water filters to your fridge freezer as well. This part of our service works differently to the services above. We charge for the filter, but provide a free installation service. We therefore wouldn’t send an engineer out to your area specifically to do this as this would be unproductive for us, but instead would let you know when we’re in the area and then call in to do the filter replacement. Many customers just replace their own filter, and we can supply these if required, but for some customers, either replacing the filter can be awkward to do or they would simply prefer us to do this for them – especially as there is no extra cost in doing so!! Each filter supplied is flushed through and the pipes leak tested before the customer is informed it is now safe to use. We do supply water filters for other brands, but without a doubt, the most popular filters that we supply are the Samsung water filters. If you require just a water filter, or a water filter with installation, please get in touch with us in whichever way you prefer on the Contact Us page.

Sales & Parts

We DO NOT supply fridge freezers and we have no vested interest in doing so. If in the rare event it transpires that after a thorough diagnosis of your fridge freezer it is deemed to be beyond economical repair, we may offer you advice with a suitable replacement fridge freezer and a few retailers that in our experience have offered the best value for money to our customers in the past should you wish us to. The advice offered will be without bias, as our sole interest lies in the repair of your existing fridge freezer, and not in trying to sell you a new one. In some cases, we can supply parts, such as shelves, water tanks etc., but this depends on the make and model of your fridge freezer. For instance, we wouldn’t sell a thermostat to a customer who had decided that his Bosch fridge wasn’t working and was going to have a go at fixing it himself, but if a customer said the in-door water tank on her Samsung fridge freezer had a crack in it, we would supply something like that. If there is a part that you would like us to supply for you, please call, email or use the contact form on the Contact Us page to get in touch.

In Warranty Repairs

The largest percentage of the work we do is on behalf of manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Lec, Whirlpool, Beko, Belling, Frigidaire, Fridgemaster, Bush, Baumatic, Smeg etc. Each manufacturer has their own unique way of operating, and we adapt to each manufacturer’s individual requirements with ease. The distinct advantage to the manufacturers of using our services to undertake their service work is that they can be sure of using a company that has a highly regarded reputation in the industry for providing a first class service in terms of customer satisfaction, administration procedures and very fast turnaround times. The advantages for our company in being an Authorised Service Centre for the manufacturers is the ability to source parts quickly, to gain the knowledge and expertise on each manufacturers products through on-going training and support for our engineers, to be able to identify potential component failures thereby keeping a supply of stock to satisfy customer demand, and the opportunity to introduce ourselves to some of our customers of the future for any out of warranty repairs. If you feel your brand could gain in using the services we provide, we would be happy to talk to you regarding service call volumes and operational procedures to ascertain whether this is something that could be mutually beneficial to our company, your brand and the customers.

Extended Warranty Repairs

In today’s climate, many people pay for extended warranties. Extended warranties are usually sold at the start of the manufacturer’s warranty or just before the manufacturers warranty ends. Unfortunately, electrical items generally do not seem to stand the test of time as they used to, and so for some customers an extended warranty for a set amount of years is the logical solution. This can be costly initially, but in theory the idea is that if your fridge freezer does break down within the policy period, the cost of the insurance should be lower than the cost of the repair that you may have paid otherwise. We do lots of work for insurance companies and attend service calls on their behalf to undertake such repairs. There are lots of different makes that we are required to repair, although currently the most popular products we see are Servis, MFI (Hygena / Diplomat), Samsung, Whirlpool etc. If you are interested in using our services to undertake insurance work on behalf of your company, please get in touch using the details on the Contact Us page.

Letting Agencies / Landlords

As with ‘Out Of Warranty’ repairs above, this is a service that we provide for many letting agencies and landlords around East Anglia. We understand when a tenant calls to say the fridge freezer isn’t working, the tenant is already frustrated because they are not able to use something that they are effectively paying for, and the letting agents and landlords want to satisfy the tenant, provide a quick repair service and keep the costs as low as possible. This is where we can help. We can provide a prompt and cost effective service to suit both parties. The list of letting agents and landlords that we are now the primary fridge freezer repair engineers for has grown over the years, and we are always happy to see this area of our business continue to grow. If you feel you would like the use of our services to manage the fridge freezer repairs for your clients and tenants, please call us for a chat or email us.

Crime Prevention Services

As with most industries nowadays, there is a code of practise, and quite often breaking this code of practise can be unethical, dangerous and illegal. This includes without exception the refrigeration industry. This side of our work is very minimal, but we do assist and work with the Police and the Environment Agency when required to identify illegal practises. This helps to promote the businesses of the engineers around the UK that work to a high standard, safely and following correct procedures, and helps to reduce the amount of illegal and more importantly unsafe repairs that we have witnessed over the years.

Insurance Assessors

Part of the work we do is simply on site assessments. This is usually on request of an insurance company. Originally this part of our work was simply identifying general fridge freezer failures following power cuts, power surges, gas leaks etc. Despite the industry we are in – i.e. refrigeration, bizarrely and in addition to this, we have been asked to assess other insurance claims as well. This is usually just to verify the damage to an item, but in some cases we are asked to determine the cause of the damage and provide an unbiased opinion. If you would like us to assess any insurance claims, refrigeration or otherwise, we will be happy to discuss these requirements with you.